Just like BMW, Volkswagen and General Motors has a family tree, so does Daikin (the world’s #1 air conditioning company in the world) which includes Goodman, Amana and now Gladiator—Diakin’s new, top of the line product. As the third line of product development, Gladiator is equipped with new features that far exceed its familial counterparts; these include improved controls for a higher level of personal safety, additional products built into it to promote a longer lifespan and the best warranty in the industry.

Gladiator is to Daikin, As Lamborghini is to Volkswagen

Everyone in the auto industry knows that the Lamborghini is the high-end car in the Volkswagen family, and that is exactly what Gladiator is for Daikin. But a Lamborghini is not just the best in its family because of its luxurious features and quality components—it’s also the fact that it is assembled under the strictest of guidelines to ensure quality control. Something everyone does not know? That unlike cars, HVAC units are not assembled in a factory. Instead, the parts are assembled and installed at a customer's home or business, so the quality of the HVAC unit depends greatly on the quality of the HVAC technician and company.

How Gladiator is Revolutionizing the HVAC Industry

Unlike the other members in the Daikin family, Gladiator implements a revolutionary requirement of having the strictest vetting policies when it comes to the technicians who can install a Gladiator unit. By doing this, Gladiator is able to ensure the same luxury in the HVAC industry that the Lamborghini does in the auto industry. Because when you match a superior Gladiator product with an exceptional technician, you have a winning team that’s not just the best in its HVAC family—it’s the best in the industry.